Faster and Better Customer Support with Qisido
Customer Support with Qisido
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Qisido as a Ticketing Solution
Sorting Tickets:
sorting tickets

Qisido helps organize and direct incoming tickets to the right agents without manual effort.

Real-time Tracking:
real time tracking

It keeps an eye on tickets as they progress, giving you updates on their status in real time.

Deadline Alerts:
deadline alerts

If a ticket is not answered within a predefined time, Qisido automatically brings attention to it, making sure nothing gets overlooked.

Preventing Overlaps:
preventing overlaps

 Qisido avoids confusion by detecting and preventing multiple agents from responding to the same ticket.

Collaborate Effortlessly
arrow icon Shared Inbox:
Qisido enables smooth teamwork by offering a shared inbox where multiple employees can access and contribute to a single ticket, especially if it's an urgent.
arrow icon Private Notes:
Enhance collaboration by adding or viewing private notes within a specific ticket.
Collaborate Effortlessly
Skyrocket your Team’s Productivity
assignments png
Automated Ticket Assignment:
Qisido streamlines your workflow by automatically assigning tickets to the right department, saving time that would otherwise be spent manually sorting them.
internal notes png
Enhanced Productivity with Ticket History and Internal Notes:
These features help agents quickly grasp the nature of a query, leading to faster resolutions and an overall productivity improvement.
Canned Responses img
Predefined Templates and Canned Responses:
This feature allows your team to respond swiftly with a few predefined templates to common queries.
Track and Improve Efficiency
dot icon Customer Experience Enhancement:
Elevate your customer experience by actively tracking incoming tickets and addressing unanswered queries promptly.
dot icon Performance Assessment through Timely Reports:
Evaluate your support team's performance by regularly reviewing timely reports provided by Qisido.
dot icon Employee Efficiency Improvement:
Boost your employees' efficiency by utilizing Qisido's reports to offer targeted suggestions for improvement.
Email Management
Customize your Help Desk
Customize your Help Desk
Personalized Ticket Forms:
Collect specific information relevant to your business needs using personalized ticket forms.
Role-Based Permissions:
Enhance security and streamline operations by assigning role-based permissions through Qisido.
Seamless Workflow with Custom Integrations:
Tailor the help desk to your specific requirements by seamlessly incorporating applications that enhance efficiency and collaboration.

Give Your Customers More Than Just Replies

Make your customers feel heard by making sure they are not repeating themselves every time. Our seamless multi-account email handling software efficiently categorizes emails according to the concerned department.

Give Your Customers More Than Just Replies