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The Ultimate Help Desk Software Solution

tick_vector Easier to Use
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We reviewed 100s of Customer support teams and read 1000s of reviews on social media and here are the features that they have asked for in a
Help Desk Software

Shared Inbox for Collaboration

Shared Inbox

Automated Workflow for Increased Productivity

Automated Workflow

Email management for Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Insights and Analytics for Improved Performance

Insights and Analytics

App Integrations for Customization


Customer Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Smart and Simple Solution

Need help to handle incoming queries from your customers? Try Qisido — A smart yet simple help desk platform that eases the process of customer interaction through automated workflow, shared inbox, and team collaboration.

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Route Conversations Automatically

Route your customer conversations automatically to the right people for quicker resolution, resulting in happy customers.

Route Conversations automatically
Quicker and Personalized Interactions
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Quicker and Personalized

Make customer interactions faster and more personalized by providing easy access to customer history, relevant data, and built-in collaborations. This enhances the overall brand experience and helps resolve issues effectively and efficiently.

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Track Performance

  • Monitor your team's performance and customer experience effortlessly in one place with built-in detailed analytics, accessible with just one click.

Track Performance of your employees
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Increased Productivity

Boost your support team's productivity and minimize errors by using predefined templates and responses.

Increase the Productivity of your employees
Provide Real time resolutions
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Real-Time Response

Be there for your customers in real-time with our live chat feature, ensuring they never have to wait.

Embracing Customer Relationship
Proven studies demonstrate that customer retention can increase your revenue by up to 95%. Hence, increase your retention rate by building connections with them through swift resolutions.
Shared Inbox Shared Inbox
Privacy Protection Privacy Protection
Integrations Integrations
Qisido for better customer experience
Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity
Qisido transforms the way your employees work. With Qisido, work becomes simple and easy, increasing the productivity of your employees.
Team Collaboration Team Collaboration
Automated Workflow Automated Workflow
Growing Business
Your business is healthy as you have happy customers and happy employees. This automatically results in stress-free business with greater revenue over time.
Insights and Analytics Insights and Analytics
Integrations Integrations
Automated Workflow Automated Workflow
Growing Business


Senior Manager
Automotive Industry

With Qisido, we can keep track of everything in real time and customize it to fit how we work. It's perfect for our fast-moving industry.

Customer Service Head
Logistics Business

Qisido keeps our customer support organized and adaptable. We have begun processing orders faster, and our customers have been the happiest since we have opted for Qisido and started providing them swift resolutions.

Executive Director
Healthcare Industry Giant

Qisido has been a lifesaver for our business. It's simple, secure, and works seamlessly with our patient care. Our team loves how it makes everything smoother.

Executive Director
Top Educational Institute

Qisido’s straightforward, and the customization options make it a perfect match for our academic environment. It's made our support tasks much more manageable.

Why is Qisido the Ultimate Ticketing Solution for your business?
Here’s how Qisido can be the ultimate game changer for your business.
 Choose Qisido as the Ultimate Ticketing Solution for your business
dot icon Qisido helps you organize customer requests based on priorities, ensuring a systematic approach to resolution.
dot icon Qisido boosts the productivity of your team members by automating routine tasks.
dot icon Tickets are automatically directed to the appropriate support agents, ensuring a quicker and efficient resolution.
dot icon Qisido saves your agent's time and energy with advanced search options.
dot icon Receive notifications via email, browser alerts, and mobile devices to never stay out of touch from your customers.
dot icon Qisido allows customer support agents to exchange private notes before sending formal emails.
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